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Hi, we are Maison Eve!

We make unique Homeware & Apparel from Portuguese Textiles. 

Our story began a couple of years ago when my Husband Alex decided that I really needed to embrace my creativity
and start a brand. 

Hi, I am Pippa, I graduated with  BA Hons in Fashion & Textile design in 2008, and despite having spent the past
12 years traveling, building a sales career, learning new cultures, eating & drinking I finally made it full circle back
to where I began and doing what I love doing the most: Designing!

When Alex and I met, we hit it off pretty much immediately as we just had so much in common, a 22-year Advertising
Agency Veteran, with a wicked sense of style, a huge sneaker collection and an avid food & drink connoisseur had me smitten in no time!


I always knew I wanted Maison Eve (Éve) to be a brand that revolved around the Home, So much so that the name Eve (Éve) came from the Turkish word for home which is EV and pronounced Éve, and well it just felt right calling it Maison Eve which means: House Home. My mission was and still is: to make a house feel like a home! I was delighted when Alex decided to join me in pushing Maison Eve that little bit further as a brand and expand not only from Homewares, but adding in some super great Apparel and Prints!

I grew up in Portugal from the age of 9 and despite traveling around, when I first brought Alex here from Canada,
(we are both Canadians from Montreal), he didn't hesitate in letting me know he wanted to move here and well,
a year and a half later, here we were!


''Mischievous in Portugal since 1993'' is an ode to this magical Portugal upbringing of mine, but even more so,
an homage to everything Portuguese, naturally producing 100% made in Portugal items, with the help of local seamstresses, printers, and artisans while focusing on the least amount of waste possible, to help keep our
footprint low. 

We work as a team and despite me being the obvious Designer, Alex is definitely present in every product we make and if he is not the inspiration of my products, (like our Beard Masks), he is helping curate, product development,
and even add in some of his own designs that are quintessentially Maison Eve.

We draw our inspiration from our surroundings, colors, architecture, food, sneakers, and Art.

Our mission is to bring you unique, fun, durable, and high-quality products that you and your family will love!

We are Maison Eve and we have been mischievous in Portugal since 1993.